Sylvain, Consultant MOA 10 min 18 octobre Parmi les nombreuses solutions pour interroger ou tester webservices et API, Postman propose de nombreuses fonctionnalités, une prise en main rapide et une interface graphique agréable. Voici un rapide aperçu des possibilités de la version App gratuite. Une série de tests basés sur un jeu de données peut également être menée par le biais de ce module. Nous allons tester les appels suivants, en conservant les tests homme-US définis précédemment. Pour ce faire on définit une nouvelle requête paramétrée, sélectionne le fichier de données et exécute le Runner sur ces éléments.

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Part of that is sharing things I find with you, our valuable readers out there in the real world. Whenever something useful comes up, I tend to write an article about it; today is no different. Those with experience in working with APIs will have heard of and be familiar with Postman , the ubiquitous API testing and development tool. Step 1 — Get Postman This is a bit of a no-brainer. To get to these settings, click the Postman settings icon it looks like a spanner and select Settings.

However, Postman is one of the few apps that looks great when configured this way. Click the Themes tab, and toggle the theme from light to dark, if you want your Postman environment to look as you see in occasional screenshots. Disable SSL certification verification. On the General tab, toggle off the option labelled SSL certificate verification. Please be aware of the security implications of this change in a production environment. Those with experience using Nutanix Prism or the Nutanix REST APIs without installing a valid certificate will be aware that the default self-signed certificate is not valid in the truly trusted sense.

Set the request timeout. By default, the request timeout is set to 0. This means every API request will wait forever if no response is received.

I have mine set to 30 seconds i. Disable anonymous usage data. If your environment is considered secure, you may wish to toggle this option off. Enable Two-pane view. Configure Proxy. If you need to explicitly configure this within Postman, you can do so on the Proxy tab.

With that in mind, it makes sense to create a Postman Collection with which to organise our things. Step 4 — Environment Variables One of the simplest and yet best Postman features is the ability to use variables.

Entering these manually each time and then needing to change each instance when the values change is not efficient at all. As a side note, Postman can also take your saved API requests, export them and allow you to share the request collections with colleagues. In this situation, you may not want to share specific environment settings but still allow your colleagues to enter information once and once only.

The way around all these things is to use Postman Variables. Prism Central and Prism Element IP addresses will both be used frequently, but both will use the same credentials. Security best practices aside, this is not entirely uncommon while testing. Note that Postman can definitely manage global variables i. The Initial Value will be shared with anyone you share the collection with, and can be good if everyone is using the same variable values.

Variable usage.


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